Sunday, November 1, 2015

Looking Back

I have a desire to create.  

In middle school, in order to avoid the typical "Home EC" class, I impulsively took Art.  In that class we learned to draw with charcoal, macrame, clay and weaving. This was the beginning of my exploration with art and craft.  Since that time, I have always felt the need to have some kind of project in process that I can go back to.

In the past I have embroidered jeans and dresses with flowers and mirrors, made macrame belts, crocheted afghans but for the last 20+ years I have become a quilter.  In retrospect maybe I should have taken that Home Economics class class because I had to teach myself how to sew through books; but that's the way I learn.

Today, I am recently retired from a very busy professional career that took much time away from family, life and creativity.  Now I enjoy reflecting on art, looking through photography and noticing patterns and color in simple things.

So I begin this blog to document thoughts about art and quilts that for years I have carried in my head.